We have received many years ago a High End amplifier for repair. We have repaired the amplifier and tested it of course. We sat couple of hours hearing music in its perfection. Detailed play of all instruments, transparency, the feeling of live atmosphere - it was a 'Pure Class A Amplifier'. A masterpiece. Such an amplifier would we gladly have.  Looking the prices online, it was clear, not for our allowance. Pity!... it's sounds so damned good!

We put our dreams right here: High End for affordable prices. We have on many things renounced: remote control, luxurious design and other frills. We wanted to offer highest quality and pure High End feeling. We've have done everything for this: the best circuitry, selected and matched premium components from German production. All these are carefully put together in handwork.



We have spent many years to repair and service high quality equipment. There are a lot of companies producing prime High End equipment, in order to satisfy the highly demands of the audiophiles. We have manufactured, on demand of selected clients, small series and individual items of High End equipment. We have put a lot passion and enthusiasms in order to master the high requirements of the clients. A positive feedback has us encouraged to produce High End equipment for everybody. We put our longstanding experience and knowhow to achieve the best product. The development and manufacturing take place in our house as individual item.


Enjoy the BEST of both worlds: a Hybrid circuitry. A perfect symbioses among tubes and transistors.

Why Hybrid?
The perfect amplifier should forward, unaltered, the input signal to the loudspeakers. It is to see that the tube amplifier lives a renaissance in the last years. Many audiophiles appreciate the warm sound of these amplifiers. The produced overtones are basically a integer multiply of the undertone. The disharmonic overtones sounds still harmonic in comparison with the distortions by the transistors. Another advantage of the tubes is the good performance  in class A operation and high reliability by high temperature. But the tubes has also disadvantages - the power is limited and it's need expensive output transformers. This is the reason why the output stage it is realized with MOSFET transistors in order to deliver the required current to the loudspeakers.

Why Class A?
The A Class remains still the king class for the audiophiles. Class A deliver pure listening pleasure, without any distortion and a maximum of linearity. It is to observe that every component which the signal is passing over, conducts unavoidable to a deterioration of the signal due the thermodynamically noise of the component.  Simplicity is the keyword.  Outstanding are in the output stage the MOSFET transistors. They are rapid enough to reproduce accurate the smallest details and strong enough to reproduce massive bass tones. The MOSFET transistors offer the largest bandwidth under the power semiconductors,  whereby they was not designed for this purpose.


TRIF audio stays for High End listening pleasure Made in Germany. All products are with high-quality components handcrafted in Germany.

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